Information on the use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies. Below you will find more information about cookies, how we use them, and how you can control their use. While browsing this site, you agree to the use of cookies for the purpose described in this background note. If you refuse the use of these cookies, please disable them, so as to prevent their installation on your computer tool. How to proceed is described below.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files that are sent to your computer tool while you browse to a site and then stored in a file on your computer tool by your browser. At each visit, cookies are well returned to the visited site, or to any other site that recognizes this cookie. Cookies act as a "memory" for the website, allowing to recognize your computer tool when you return to this site.

Cookies may for example remember your preferences, facilitate your navigation, select the advertisements that are tailored to your interests.

You can find more information on cookies by referring to the site

The different types of cookies

  • Cookies of session and persistent Cookies
    A session cookie persists only during the browsing session, it is deleted when your browser is closed.
    A permanent cookie is installed for a specified period.
  • Third-party Cookies
    cookies from third party sites can be installed by services that appear on this third party site.
    These cookies are not under the control of the visited site. For more information on these third-party cookies, we invite you to visit the third party site.

Purpose of cookies:

Cookies are used for at least one of the following reasons:

Strictly necessary Necessary cookies to deliver the level of service expected by the user.
Performance Cookies that collect information about how users navigate on the site, for example which pages are most visited and in case of error messages, which page generates these errors.
Features Cookies that allow a website to remember the choices/preferences made by a user. (ex: user name, language, or geographic region) and optimize and adapt the display.
Targeting and advertising Cookies that are used to display relevant advertisements for a user based on his/her interests.
They are also used to limit the number of times where a user is exposed to an advertisement. They can also be used to help measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Cookies used on this site internet

You will find below a summary of the cookies used



Maintains open session.





Save the identity of the visitor during the session.





Session to understand that successive requests to open pages come from the same browser ID.





Indicator that allows you to verify if you have accepted the use of cookie on this site.


1 year


How to control and delete cookies?

The majority of browsers accept cookies, but you can often change the setting of your browser to refuse new cookies, uninstall the existing cookies, or simply be informed when new cookies are sent to your computer tool.

To set your browser so that it refuses cookies, refer to your browser help instruction (generally accessible from the 'Help' menu', 'Tools' or 'Edit').

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Please note that if you refuse or uninstall cookies, certain features of the site may be disabled.
Furthermore, if you disable a cookie, this does not remove the cookie from your browser. You need to remove also the cookie from your browser yourself.